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Like were made of starlight....
....don't you dream of impossible things?
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2nd-Jan-2007 06:15 pm - Friends / Entries Cut
Neku Sakuraba
Entries Cut.

I think it's become a habit.

Last Cut: 95 entries - 2012. 20th of Jan
Last Cut: 151 entries - 2011. 5th of June
Last Cut: 96  entries - 2010. 7th of June.
Last Cut: 200 entries  - 2010. 1st of Jan.

I think it's just part of my complusive habit to clean....o_o;
1st-Jan-2007 12:00 am - Kaisora's Feedback
Shiki Misaki

Welcome to my Feedback page.

Here's my eglfeedback comm page.

If your leaving me feedback I'd appreciate it here on my LJ but if you have time just "copy and pasted" (x-post) it to egl feedback comm page too.

If your leaving feedback instead please leave it in the following format:

Type of Feedback:
I am the: Buyer/Seller
Communication rating:
Shipping rating:
Description of experience / Other comments:

x-posted to Egl Feedback? No/Yes

Thankyou for all of you who left me feedback. I really do appreciate it a lot!
If you have any problems or enquiries please let me know.

If you left feedback but I have forgot to leave you feedback (unlikely but if I do) please let me know and I will give you feedback.
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